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Over the years our dedication to creative thinking and craftsmanship has evolved us from a traditional tradeshow exhibit house to a full-scale design and fabrication firm. We focus on our strengths, and take pride in our ability to create compelling visuals quickly. We conceive, fabricate and execute any experience, large or small, that will serve as a venue to tell your story. Composed of a passionate group of individuals, Proctor is always looking forward to beginning the conversations that lead to the creation of meaningful end results. From ideation & design, to fabrication and execution, we take pride in our abilities to tell great stories.

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We know exhibits. It’s how we got our start over 30 years ago, and we’ve been designing, fabricating, and managing our client’s tradeshow experiences ever since. Whether it’s a small first-time client (our favorites) or an existing large-scale exhibit, we still start every opportunity by asking the right questions and focusing on what the message for your market will be. Our designs have long lifecycles and many of our relationships span past a decade. And that’s how we like it.

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Many times the opportunity to impact a market doesn’t reside in only one place annually, and some of our clients want to take their message on the road instead of waiting for their market to come to them. So, from our traditional exhibitry beginnings we evolved years ago into a mobile exhibit fabricator as well. Whether it’s a small teardrop pull behind or a full-sized 53’ semi trailer, it’s still an opportunity for us to create an environment for someone to experience, and that’s what we love.

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Our experiential marketing work has allowed us to partner with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. An experiential project is similar to writing a book that will then be read in different places everywhere at the same time, so a large part of the challenge is designing something that travels well, can be easily set up many times, and that will last for a long tour across the entire country. Like most of our work each experience is different from the next, and it always keeps things interesting.

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The definition of logistics is: the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. That sounds stressful, which is why the true value of our expertise is the convenience we provide. We have the resources and relationships in all major venues and cities across the country so whatever the need, we manage and coordinate all site services for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s our job to get it all done so you can focus on what matters most: showing up with everything ready on time and having a good show or event.

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  • Uber

    The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual event held in Southern California’s beautiful Coachella Valley right in the Colorado Desert. Attended by over 180,000 people, it is the top music festival in the world. Uber has become one of the premier and relevant transportation service brands in the world, so Coachella was an ideal place for them to station themselves. Drop off and pickup ran continuously for 14 hours every day and safely transported over 5,000 people daily from the festival.

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  • Jim Beam

    We’ve been lucky enough to have done a lot of interesting work for Jim Beam’s event tours and campaigns over the years. From traveling tattoo parlours and vintage gaming arcades, to three-headed jackalopes and whiskey barrel sampling bars, we’ve designed many rich environments for the Jim Beam brand. So cheers, and take a look to see for yourself.

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  • Kärcher

    Kärcher is the global leader in commercial surface and floor cleaning products, and has been a special relationship of ours for almost two decades, and we have continued to do their 50′ x 60′ & 40′ x 50′ exhibits at ISSA/INTERCLEAN every year. 2014 was their first time exhibiting exclusively as Kärcher, and with the clean German-influenced design of the exhibits, they looked really good.

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    VSMPO is the largest titanium manufacturer in the world. Our goals were to create an open & inviting space that embodied these four elements from any approach: brand, pattern, light, and flow. We used fabrics, concealed lighting, different flooring materials, and textures to differentiate the function of each part of the exhibit interior without taking away anything from the open flow we intended.

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  • Sensodyne

    Sensodyne is the #1 doctor-recommended toothpaste, and they hit the road to educate people on the power of their products. We created the Dental Health Spa that was a 53’ mobile trailer tour that would arrive, park, and expand into a 60’ x 4’ pavilion complete with: free and private consultations with dentists, complimentary brushing stations, family education tents, games, and tons of giveaways.

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  • Deuter

    Deuter USA is the North American distributor for and represents Ortovox, their partner brand, here in the states. We were tasked with designing an exhibit for Outdoor Retailer Summer Market that gave both brands distinction and individuality in the same space. As outdoorsy coloradans, we were instantly on board. The exhibit architecture completely reconfigures to “feature” each brand at their seasonal shows. Our clients felt their exhibit finally represented them as the major player they are in the industry. Prost to that!

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