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Over the years our dedication to creative thinking and craftsmanship has evolved us from a traditional tradeshow exhibit house to a full-scale design and fabrication firm. We focus on our strengths, and take pride in our ability to create compelling visuals quickly. We conceive, fabricate and execute any experience, large or small, that will serve as a venue to tell your story. Composed of a passionate group of individuals, Proctor is always looking forward to beginning the conversations that lead to the creation of meaningful end results. From ideation & design, to fabrication and execution, we take pride in our abilities to tell great stories.

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We know exhibits. It’s how we got our start over 30 years ago, and we’ve been designing, fabricating, and managing our client’s tradeshow experiences ever since. Whether it’s a small first-time client (our favorites) or an existing large-scale exhibit, we still start every opportunity by asking the right questions and focusing on what the message for your market will be. Our designs have long lifecycles and many of our relationships span past a decade. And that’s how we like it.

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Many times the opportunity to impact a market doesn’t reside in only one place annually, and some of our clients want to take their message on the road instead of waiting for their market to come to them. So, from our traditional exhibitry beginnings we evolved years ago into a mobile exhibit fabricator as well. Whether it’s a small teardrop pull behind or a full-sized 53’ semi trailer, it’s still an opportunity for us to create an environment for someone to experience, and that’s what we love.

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Our experiential marketing work has allowed us to partner with some of the most recognizable brands in the world. An experiential project is similar to writing a book that will then be read in different places everywhere at the same time, so a large part of the challenge is designing something that travels well, can be easily set up many times, and that will last for a long tour across the entire country. Like most of our work each experience is different from the next, and it always keeps things interesting.

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The definition of logistics is: the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies. That sounds stressful, which is why the true value of our expertise is the convenience we provide. We have the resources and relationships in all major venues and cities across the country so whatever the need, we manage and coordinate all site services for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s our job to get it all done so you can focus on what matters most: showing up with everything ready on time and having a good show or event.

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Please take some time to get to know more about the crazy people that come together each day to share ideas & talents that result in creating unique solutions that capture our client’s stories.

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  • Sketchup

    When designers work with designers, many creative things transpire, including great communication and fruitful relationships. Using only rental previously, SketchUp was finally ready for a new custom exhibit and needed to show off as the industry leaders they’ve become. AIA 2017 was the show in where they wanted to reveal their latest and greatest improvements for all to see. SketchUp and their partner software are based on both individual and group work, so we had standalone demonstration areas, group theater demonstrations, a charging lounge, and a new feature area demonstrating their newest offering: SketchUp Viewer. This cool new technology, a mixed and augmented reality 3D viewer interface in which you can explore and share your designs on HoloLens, bringing your ideas to life through an experience like never before. As they’re based in Boulder, we built them some custom Colorado beetle-kill pine furniture for their space. Even since the show, it’s still exciting for us to see their amazingly powerful and accessible software continue  to grow.

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  • Hostess

    Again, our agency partners have taken us to some pretty interesting places. One of the most fun in recent memory was to SXSW 2017, and it was for Hostess Snack Cakes. The idea was simple, and wonderfully pure: a mechanical bull Twinkie. How fun is that!? The campaign, a new marketing “push/revival” of the Twinkie, ended up being an inflatable bull ring within a trussed arena, complete with stage lighting and video capture, all centered around the pièce de résistance: the bull itself,  a giant foam Twinkie! The activation was all weatherproof, loaded with branded giveaways, and had a never ending waiting line to try your skills at riding the Twinkie. Coupling the activation with a clever hashtag and social media campaign gave the set huge draw/appeal and left people with lasting impressions. Ride the Bucking Twinkie!

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  • Karma Automotive

    You’ve probably heard us say that our agency partners have taken us to some pretty interesting places. One of them was to meet Karma Automotive, a high-end electric vehicle manufacturer based in California. In addition to their beautiful cars, then needed a high-end environment in which to showcase who they were and what the cars could do, so we brought their feeling of luxurious technology to life in branded a showroom display environment. Centered around the vehicle as the focus, we designed and built a multi-monitor media wall, a customization wall for potential customers to create their own car from scratch with true material samples on hand, and a floating gallery of beautiful art prints with custom seating throughout. Dare we say, the completed environment was almost as nice as the car.

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  • Chipotle

    We are truly excited to have been a part of Chipotle’s All Managers Conference (AMC) in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand. A close agency partner came to us with this awesome opportunity, and we were tasked with turning MGM’s Grand Ballroom into enormous “Food Safety” and “Culinary” learning labs that moved large groups of 100-200 managers at a time on a journey through educational environments. The Food Safety learning lab emulated the phases of a complete Chipotle restaurant from beginning to end: delivery & walk-in refrigeration, functional hand washing stations for demonstration, full prep and grill lines, and a full seating area of the restaurant for large presentations. The managers were given a “tour” through the restaurant in the same order as the food goes through, starting with the back of house and finishing with the line and restaurant, instructed throughout on proper ways to keep cleanliness and “food safety” a priority. Proctor learned a lot ourselves, ate plenty of “inspiration” burritos, and were thrilled to be a part of it.

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  • Dymatize

    When ADG Marketing brought an awesomely interactive booth idea for Dymatize to Proctor, we were ecstatic to make some #fitnessgoals come true. Led by their Chief Science Officer Dr. Rob Wildman, Dymatize’s immensely experienced company delivers true results while maintaining award-winning taste. After a fresh rebrand, Dymatize wanted illuminated product shelving, illuminated logos, and also legitimate gym flooring for actual cowbell and free-weight demonstrations to be live in the booth to attract attendees. The end result was as bold and loud as Dymatize’s new brand, and the booth drew a huge crowd.

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  • Lumion

    Working with inspiring products makes it easy to make inspiring booths, and so it went with Lumion, a rendering software product we quickly became obsessed with. Brightman Designs worked with us to make a truly immersive 10’ x 20’ custom linear booth design for Lumion, and it was rare scenario where we were designing for designers, a very rewarding combination. Their product is capable of producing amazing results and bringing designs to life, and their goals were to demonstrate those capabilities and showcase beautiful renderings. We maximized the functionality of their space and gave them a  large presentation screen & meeting table, a branded monolith and illuminated logo, demonstration seating, and a custom gallery backed by a grove of real birch trees. Being proficient and passionate about creating compelling visual renderings helped bring this collaboration to life.

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