All good things begin with a story, and we’ve got a great one.

our story

We are and have always been an original Colorado company, for over 30 years now. Our story began back in 1978 when our leader and president, Leo Proctor, and his Irish Setter, Amos, hopped in an old 1956 GMC ambulance and hit the open road for California. Breaking down and only making it as far as Denver, they never left. Through a connection in the Colorado Woodworkers Guild he was asked to build a friend a “stand” they could use for their company, and that was that. Over the years our dedication to creative thinking and craftsmanship has evolved us from a traditional tradeshow exhibit house to a full-scale design and fabrication firm. We focus on our strengths, and take pride in our ability to create compelling visuals quickly. We conceive, fabricate and execute any experience, large or small, that will serve as a venue to tell your story. Composed of a passionate group of individuals, Proctor is always looking forward to beginning the conversations that lead to the creation of meaningful end results. From ideation & design, to fabrication and execution, we take pride in our abilities to tell great stories.

Let us tell your story. We promise...others will listen.

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